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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

If you want more cosmetic surgery business...

Put Your Practice On The MAP

Marketing Alliance Program:
Cosmetic Practices Aligned for Marketing Success

Imagine...having access to marketing experts and already-proven marketing materials that take all the guesswork...all the false steps...and all the wasted advertising dollars out of marketing your cosmetic practice.

That's just what you get when you join K Dunn & Associates' Marketing Alliance Program (MAP)...

We, at K Dunn & Associates, are the experts in cosmetic surgery marketing. We've been developing and testing marketing materials since 1990, and our promotions and strategies have been proven to work for more than 650 practices nationwide.

In 1996, we organized MAP membership so practices can access our highly-effective promotional materials & consulting services for a low monthly fee. In effect, members share the cost of retaining an entire team of marketing experts -- experienced consultants, talented copywriters and graphic designers.

To give our members a competitive edge and unique materials, MAP membership is available on an exclusive basis to only one practice per market. To find out why you would choose K Dunn & Associates to help grow your practice, and reduce your cost-per-lead, read this cosmetic marketing white paper.

Join the MAP for guaranteed results...


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“I'm not your only client, but sometimes it seems like it...you attend to my needs so quickly.”
— Oklahoma
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