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MAP members have very busy practices, and to protect their time and privacy, they are not asked to accept calls for references. That is one of the reasons the MAP offers a guaranteed trial period — so you can experience the results of MAP membership for yourself.

To help you make a decision about joining the MAP for a guaranteed trial period, members have provided the following audio testimonials and case studies...

Hear What Your Colleagues Are Saying...

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"We Increased Our Numbers 3-Fold!"
"The Seminar Was Filled Without Advertising!"
"20 Cases And They're Still Coming In!"
"It's Voodoo!"

Actual Marketing Results for ...

From a sampling of practices who joined the MAP.
(utilizing 2 ad placements or a 5,000 piece mailing)

City Response
• East Meadow, NY 140
• Portland, OR 66
• Anchorage, AK 89
• Tipp City, OH 47
• Staten Island, NY 72
• Flint, MI 64
• Bethlehem, PA 69

Read These Case Studies...

A South Carolina surgeon had tried advertising through newspaper, magazines and TV ads, but he felt the expenditure was ineffective. We recommended starting with a free seminar — seminars are the most cost-effective method for attracting lots of new patients.

We mailed 5,000 seminar invitations to a targeted list of prospects, and the result was 136 reservations!...which filled up 4 seminars! At the seminars used the MAP's seminar presentation and scheduled 42 consultations!

A Beverly Hills surgeon joined the MAP to "take his marketing to a higher level" and double his cosmetic surgical volume.

The surgeon mailed 5,000 of the MAP's time-tested seminar invitations to 5,000 Beverly Hills area residents, at a cost of $3,950. The result was more than 101 reservations!...which filled up 2 seminars, and 21 people are on the waiting list!

Prior to joining the MAP, a doctor in Maryland had tried promoting seminars to attract new patients, but his attendance was low, at about 7 attendees.

When he tried the MAP's seminar invitation via direct mail, he received 104 reservations! At the seminar, he used the MAP'S seminar presentation, and he scheduled 36 in-office consultations!

Prior to joining the MAP, a South Carolina practice had determined that seminars were the best form of marketing, "Other than that, nothing else has been effective" the doctor reported. However, he was only doing 2-3 seminars per year, so he joined the MAP for a more effective marketing plan.

Following the Map's recommendations, the doctor ran a new ad that generated 108 seminar reservations! He also used the Map's seminar presentation, which resulted in 49 consultations! He immediately retained 16 new patients, and more scheduled later!

A cosmetic practice in Pennsylvania joined the MAP for a complete BOTOX® marketing campaign. Their goal was to implement a cost-effective campaign that would attract new patients who are also candidates for higher-end services.

MAP membership provided this practice with an integrated marketing plan that includes advertising in newspapers and magazines, in-office promotions, and referral programs with salons and other establishments. Their campaign has generated a steady stream of new patients!

A cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles joined the MAP because he'd tried just about every form of advertising, and it had grown stale.

When the doctor implemented one of the Map's newest programs a direct mail invitation to a dinner seminar he received 82 reservations!

Prior to joining the MAP, a vein surgeon in Kentucky relied on TV and newspaper advertising without success. The doctor wanted to try seminars to attract new leg vein patients.

So, we developed a new seminar ad for him, he ran it, and generated more than 82 reservations!. We also created a seminar presentation that resulted in more than 33 in-office consultations!

A doctor in New Orleans joined the Marketing Alliance Program (MAP) to kick off a new BOTOX® campaign. He used one of our proven promotions inviting people to attend a BOTOX® clinic and his office received so many calls they had to start a waiting list!

The marketing coordinator at the practice called to say, "We are VERY pleased with the results... In fact, we are still getting calls from people who were unable to attend the clinic!"

A practice in San Luis Obispo, CA conducted two public seminars, with a total of 76 people in attendance. In fact, they had to start turning people away, because the seminar facility was full.

The doctor even booked an $18,000 procedure from just one of these seminars.

Review Quotes From Your Colleagues...

"MAP membership gave our program the jump start it desperately needed. Now we have marketing professionals who know what ads work best and when to place them. I can focus my attention on the patients, instead of the small details." — Oregon

"It's really amazing... I can't believe the number of people calling!" — Indiana

"We mailed a direct mail letter for a private seminar and got a 5.5% response rate!" — Oklahoma

"The easy-to-follow, step-by-step program saves money and time by eliminating trial & error." — New Jersey

"My gosh, we're getting bombarded with calls!" — Massachusetts

"You know, I didn't think this was going to work. I'm completely blown away." — Florida

"These seminars really work. It's amazing!" — Washington

"I'm not your only client, but sometimes it seems like it... because you attend to my needs so quickly." — California

"We spent less than $100 to mail 200 letters to our past patients. We immediately did 8 surgeries... a great return-on-investment!" — California

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