Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed...

Hiring the right marketing experts is an important decision. You'll want to ensure the firm you hire can generate a steady stream of new patients for your practice.

Normally, marketing firms require a long-term commitment, with no guarantee of performance. K Dunn & Associates is unique...

We offer a 60-day, money-back guarantee. That way, you'll have a chance to work with us, see the quality of our materials, see the response our ads produce, and experience our expertise and commitment to helping you build your practice. And if you're not completely satisfied during the first 60 days, for any reason, we'll refund your membership fee. All we ask is that you follow our marketing recommendations.

We work on an exclusive basis with only one practice per market, so contact us right away if you're seriously considering membership. When you call, we'll schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation.

For more information, see our Free Special Report: 13 Secrets to Hiring the Right Marketing Firm for Your Practice.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
Marketing Results
“We made 100 reservations for two seminars and scheduled 32 appointments.”
— Oklahoma